Break Time (2018)

Who knew a health food store could be so toxic?

Two friends struggle to survive their dead end jobs in a health food store, while being suffocated by the hypocrisies of the health food industry, until one of them starts to drink the Kombucha.


To Take or Not to Take? (2018)

To take or not to take, that is the question.

While an athlete struggles over whether to take drugs or not to beat her competition and finally take home the gold, an angel tries to save her. However, a demon appears and seems to have a more convincing argument. Good vs. Evil, who will the athlete declare the winner of this unexpected advice battle? 


 A Purgatory Story (2018) 

 A demon relegated to spirit board duty falls in love with a girl on the other side.

This collaboration with Mad Hat Entertainment is currently in post production aiming for release this Spring. 


Miss Broccolini (2018)

What would captivate your attention so much that you forget to be a good friend? When friends don’t look out, it usually ends up in a series of unfortunate events. Nat’s two friends display this perfectly by not admitting the truth about what’s captivating their attention...and although broccoli is healthy, will it help Nat with her dating life? 


The Health Pill From Hell (2018)

How many pills does it take to make someone healthier? Inspired by the brilliant Tina Fey and Amy Poehler scene in the movie Baby Mama when Amy struggles with swallowing a giant prenatal pill.


Before Coffee (2017)

This one is for all the coffee lovers and addicts out there, as I’m sure we all can relate to craving that warm, soothing aroma and taste in the morning. Inspired by the terrifying Ring movie and the girl who haunts throughout, we added a comedic twist to this short and sweet cup of joe. 


Tomboys at Tea (2017)

This one is for all the female athletes out there who have both a feminine and competitive side. Who says ladies shouldn’t be aggressive? Growing up as an athlete, I love and appreciate the world of sports; tomboys can’t help it when they get excited and want to physically celebrate. So what happens when you gather a group of tomboys in a room with a girly girl?


A Cleaning Day Fantasy vs. Reality (2017) 

Cleaning can be a tedious pain in the a%$. If you could have that perfect, ideal, flawless cleaning day, how would it be? What if the struggles we normally face begin to sparkle with light and ease? We took this idea and created a Charlie Chaplin themed ‘Fantasy vs. Reality’ that we hope you all can relate to and enjoy! 


Alleys (2017) 

Is love truly worth fighting for? 

Two recently torn apart lovers, Josh and Lani, spend their day contemplating the question ... is true love worth fighting for? 

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Chocolate Cake (2017)

Taking a chance on love is layered with unpredictability.

Storyhive granted us $10,000 to bring this romantic short film to life!  A first date brings young Jenny and Tim together for a slice of chocolate cake. As their connection grows, just like with each layer of cake, they develop a deeper and richer connection. As they share the cake and more about each other, love reveals a potential path for the two of them, as well as an inevitable roller coaster of emotions. The only question left is, will they take a chance on love?


Birds Dropping (2016) 

We will find another gas station, trust me...

A dark comedy about two close friends that experience one nightmare of a road trip together. As they travel by car to one of their sister's weddings, they hit a literal "crossroad" but instead of working together, they argue and end up stranded. 

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The Escape Plan (2016)

Three minds are better than one... 

A thriller based on the Stephen King story, In the Deathroom" . Trapped in a bloody room with masked captors, Lieutenant Fletcher seems to have no options for survival. Soon it becomes clear that his attackers, a domestic terrorist group, are interrogating Fletcher for his knowledge of an upcoming FBI raid. Desperate, he takes advice from three distinct sections of his psyche. Fletcher must decide which one to listen to in order to free himself before he runs out of time.


A Harry Potter Rap Parody (2015) 

Turn around, stick it out, show the world you’re a Hufflepuff!

J.K. Rowling said it herself when she deemed 2015 “The Dawn of the Age of Hufflepuff”. 

Please huffle, puff, pass, and enjoy this Harry Potter Rap Parody of Bubble Butt by Major Lazer.


Goodnight (2015)

It's a Christmas love triangle...

Britt's getting ready for her Christmas party tonight, with the help of her best friends Ally and Jason. Britt's looking forward to her online date Dan to stop by at some point. During Christmas games and dancing, Britt's conflicted by an unexpected love triangle.


Nightmare on Biebs Street

They'll never Belieb us!

Ever wonder what would happen if Justin Bieber haunted and stalked you? This comedic sketch shares a story about two roommates, Sarah and Haley, who celebrate their weird Justin Bieber obsessed roommate moving out. Little did they know she was running from something...these girls enter a nightmare from which they can't escape.


A Night Without Friends

Karma can come back to you in a strange way when you flake on your friend's birthday.... 

A group of friends out at a bar celebrate their friend's birthday and find a fascinating balcony. Little did they know they were going to witness something so unreal and unheard of. Let's just say that karma comes back in a nasty way when you flake on your friend's birthday...


The Gentleman 

What makes a true gentleman?

A nice, young gentleman tries to help prevent a young lady from embarrassing herself, but instead she completely misunderstands his intentions.