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February 2018

Feb 07

Coming Soon !!!

A Purgatory Story (2018) 

A demon relegated to spirit board duty falls in love with a girl on the other side.

This collaboration with Mad Hat Entertainment is currently in post production aiming for release this Spring. 

January 2018

Jan 28

The Independent Cinema Showcase

The collaboration of Kalliste Zoe Productions, Two Roofs Productions and MM Studios, announces the launch of a new website.  Check it out here and submit your creation for showcasing.

Jan 05

The Martini Shot Show

This week on The Martini Shot Show they feature The Independent Cinema Showcase with their very own Matthew Riley at The Downtown Independent!

December 2017

Dec 14

Last Sunday, December 3rd, Cinemacy was invited to cover an up-and-coming series of short films at the Downtown Independent.  (Read More)

Dec 4

Kalliste Zoe Productions and MM STUDIOS thanks everyone who came out to support and brought some Holiday Cheer, as we packed the theatre yesterday for the Independent Cinema Showcase !!!

November 2017

Nov 22

Kalliste Zoe Productions and MM STUDIOS announces "The Independent Cinema Showcase" !  

Coming Sunday, December 3, 2017 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST 

October 2017

Oct 17

Kalliste Zoe Productions is now affiliated with  You can stream Alleys and Birds Dropping anytime, anywhere on any device.

Oct 16

BIRDS DROPPING screenings were well received and attended at the 40th MVFF !


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Sept 12

Birds Dropping  will be featured at the 40th Mill Valley Film Festival

"Dear Mary Rachel,

I am writing to invite you and your film BIRDS DROPPING to be part of the 40th Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF), which will take place this year from October 5-15.  The San Francisco Bay Area, as you may know, has a diverse and discerning audience, and we feel that your short will be an excellent fit in our program.

Founded in 1978, the eleven-day festival sells over 40,000 tickets annually, and hosts over 250 filmmakers from around the world. You can check out our website at  to get a look at this festival known internationally as a high profile, prestigious event celebrating the best of independent international cinema. Our commitment to helping celebrate shorts and features, both American and foreign, has made it a festival of choice for filmmakers worldwide, and we would be thrilled to have you attend. 

Again, we extend our congratulations on an excellent film. We would be honored to have it in this year's festival.

Best regards,


Sterling Hedgpeth

Programming Manager 

Mill Valley Film Festival"


Aug 12

The excitement around Alleys continues to grow!

CineArtistry Shorts Fest IV

Saturday, August 12 at 2 PM - 5 PM

@ Secret Rose Theatre

"This will be a very special Showcase because Mary Rachel Gardner will be RETURNING with her new film Alleys just a few months after screening her last one! That's exactly how we roll at CineArtistry!"

Aug 5

ACME Comedy Film Nights 

Saturday,  Aug 5th @ 6pm

Featuring Birds Dropping

Directed by Mary Rachel Gardner, Coral Huerta 

JULY 2017

July 8

Birds Dropping Review 

Author -  CineArtistry 

"A hilarious little short film about two women headed to a wedding when their car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the desert. Much in the same vein as a show like Seinfeld, the two characters are so petty that their actions ultimately worsen their own situation ... We’re excited to see kinds of films these guys will be making in the future, especially if they ever make a feature film."

MARCH 2017

Mar. 2

Hollywood North Magazine  Reviews "Chocolate Cake"

“A romantic conjuring of the tangential ideations that exist in every charged moment—a visual poem of the mind engaged.”


Feb 28

Mary Rachel Gardner: Making Her Mark in the Film Industry

Author - Woman's Touch Apparel

Braved in new declarations of fashion, boldly and proudly celebrating women of all ethnicity, shapes and sizes, un-apologetically acclaiming Girls rule, rock and run the world, the Woman’s Touch Apparel Line is breathing new life into the world of fashion and featuring empowering women!


Feb 4

This Hufflepuff Rap Parody To "Bubble Butt" Is The Anthem We Were All Waiting For

Author -

Bustle delivers everything you want to know, see, and read right now whether you're starting your work day, taking a study break, waiting for a flight, preparing a bottle for your kid, or doing something else entirely. 


Dec 22

'Hufflepuff' Rap Video To The Tune Of 'Bubble Butt' Is Pure Gold

Author - Movie Pilot

We started Movie Pilot with one mission in mind: to make fan voices heard in the movie industry. Millions of film lovers worldwide visit to discover and create content about their favorite movies and TV shows.

From the Founder's Desk

Mary Rachel Making Moves!!!

Wishing you all the best as we move into Fall and the busy Holiday Season! It has been an exciting whirlwind of a year this 2017, filled with so much enjoyment and unexpected opportunities. Please enjoy some special highlights and upcoming news that I am forever thankful for! 

Fall is Upon Us

Happy Fall! This year has flown by, but we are grateful for all the opportunities and accomplishments thus far as we continue to expand our content and create more.

Happy Summer

We officially have made it halfway through the year and can hardly believe July is right around the corner. 

Here is to an Entertaining 2017 

Kalliste Zoe Productions wishes you a very Happy New Year and may this 2017 create even more joy within the entertainment industry and throughout the world.